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Mohamed Amrani

Co-Founder | CIO

Hi there, I'm Mohamed.

Together with Alexander in 2012, I have co-founded IAS and am currently operating as Managing Partner & CIO.

With IAS we, among other things, help automotive organisations improve their competencies and effectiveness on a dealer and importer level.

As our activities towards electrified mobility are rapidly increasing due to disruptive changes within the sector, we have created Mobilit-e. Under this new brand, we will assists organisations in the transition towards electrification. Thus far, multiple partnerships were established with companies that focus on alternative forms of mobility such as Tuk Tuk Factory, Shimano, etc.

In addition to my role in leading IAS towards innovation and the use of new technologies, I am also the founder and driving force of the Belgian Standards Committee for working safely on electrically powered vehicles.

I have more than 18 years of experience in various branches within the (inter)national automotive landscape. After a first experience as a Service Ability Engineer at the Technocentre and Engineering Department of Renault in Paris, I made the switch to Opel Belux where, as ECO Specialist, I maintained close cooperation with the management of large fleet managers and was responsible for supporting the Opel ECO-Flex strategy. Both experiences were key to specialization in this complex matter.

After many years of being active as a Trainer, my experiences led me to believe my goal in life is to support the people within the disruptively changing mobility industry in facing and tackling all of its current and future challenges.

Under the moto 'Practice what you Preach', I recently started an experiment in which I only travel by means of electrified transportation. This helps me in being able to approach the mobility theme in general, as a strategist as well as a private- and end-user.

Feel free to get in touch. I'm happy to connect & share!

Alexander Swannet

Co-Founder | COO

Hi there, I'm Alex.

I'm Co-Founder, COO and Managing Partner @ Innovative Automotive Services.

Shortly after kick-starting my career as an automotive trainer for various brands, I later met Co-Founder Mohamed. As our paths crossed on several occasions, and as we were driven by the same vision regarding training, we decided to launch a company together in 2012, named Innovative Automotive Services (IAS).

Return On Investment (ROI) on training is hard to determine, nevertheless billions of dollars are spent each year on training, without being able to predict the business outcome. This is what personally drives me, trying to make this prediction as accurate as possible, with a bold statement as starting point: ``everything IS measurable``.

I get energized by developing creative concepts, matching our customers’ needs, pitching them, and debriefing them after a successful roll-out. My personal aim is to improve business results for each single stakeholder within an 'IAS client case', or within a long-term partnership between all involved parties.

As relaxation therapy after a hard day’s work, I just love to do all kinds of adrenaline boosting activities, as well as enjoying the little things in life!

Looking forward getting in touch! Let us inspire you!


Michael Gastmans

People & Culture Lead

Hi I'm Michael.

As People & Culture Lead at IAS, I'm responsible for the people side of things, employer branding, future workforce strategy development and organizational efficiency to support our sustainable business growth. Together with Mohamed and Alexander, it's our daily goal to push the company forwards!

With a background in Psychology and Management, I immediately started working in the Automotive industry. First as a Recruiter to later take on more generalist HR- & management roles on an importer and dealer group level. This experiences gave me valuable insights in how automotive companies are operating, and more importantly, how human capital can be put to good (and bad) use.

Over the years I've learned to have a big focus on efficiency, process improvement and organizational change by continuously challenging the status-quo. I love questioning things and exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions with all manner of people. People sometimes tell me I'm a fast learner with strong analytical capabilities. It seems I have an intrinsic service-minded approach and I am able to manage stakeholder expectations.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me making music in my home recording studio or restoring vintage bikes. To relax, I like travelling through Italy (I looove Brunello wines) and visiting our families in France and Switzerland with my fiancée Nathalie.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Wouter de Beukelaar

Strategy & Innovation Lead

Hi there, I am Wouter,

Embedding innovations into a good business model and bringing it to a commercial success provides me a trill and passion for my day to day work.

In June 2020 I have joined IAS, with a solid experience in innovation management and entrepreneurship. As a commercial engineer with a specialisation in technology and Innovation management I have challenged my skills in multiple ways.

From infiltrating in the South African townships to inspire people with a low-cost modular housing concept, to creating a methodology of transforming a house of 1960’s in 10 days to the passive house standard. From running my own Belgium based business in solutions for indoor air quality, to developing new business opportunities in circular building technology in Europe and Africa.

Within IAS I found my soulmates in driving change. Learning & Development is entering a phase of fast transformation. The new innovations entering the market indicates a fascinating time to come. Within IAS we take a driving seat to this change.

Happy to talk soon!

Lieve Van Roy

Executive Assistant

Hi there, I'm Lieve.

I joined the team in February 2018. As Executive Assistant, I coordinate the day-to-day operations, and provide general support to our team and clients.

This includes organizing general administrative tasks, analyzing needs, follow-up of the planning and ensuring everything runs smoothly. In a nutshell, I try to make life easier by taking workload away from everybody :). The way I achieve this is by adding a personal touch, valuing an open communication and aiming for a better understanding of everyone's needs and expectations.

I grew up in Belgium, lived in South Korea as a teenager and took a gap year in the USA. Professionally, I have built up experience in supportive administrative jobs, and volunteering as a language teacher.

When I'm not working, you will probably find me in my hometown of Antwerp, surrounded by my 3 (almost) grown-up children. I'm passionate about people, exploring other cultures, good food, trying to stay fit and just getting out and enjoying life!

Tom Dooms

Training Operations Manager

Hi, I am Tom!

In December 2021 I joined IAS as Training Operations Manager.

I already had experience in a similar role for 2 legendary British premium car brands, and I would like to use - and expand - this experience to prepare our customers for the future, together with this enthusiastic team. Electrification, hydrogen, online sales, car sharing, taxation, etc. There is no shortage of innovations and challenges!

I took my first steps in professional life in the logistics sector, before making the switch to the wonderful world of the automotive in 2015. And you have to admit, very few people remain completely insensitive to the emotions aroused by a car. Whether it is because of its breathtaking design, the wonderful sound of a roaring V8, the ingenious operation of the drive train, the pure practicality or even just a beautiful colour: almost everyone feels something.

Combining this fascinating context with the challenges of tomorrow, and training, guiding and coaching people: that is what I would like to do with my team. I can watch and listen with admiration to people who explain with great enthusiasm exactly how an electric motor works - even though I certainly don't understand everything about it myself. Or I like to learn from specialists in sales techniques, even though I have never sold a car myself.

But above all I like to give direction, to coordinate, to find synergies and to realise optimisations, and certainly together with our customers to see how we can help and support them in this rapidly evolving world. My many years of experience in customer-oriented support functions certainly comes in handy!

Besides work, I try to do some sports (running and cycling) and to enjoy a film or a nice dinner. And if I'm not playing taxi for my 2 daughters, you can certainly bump into me at a concert (or festival) or in the stands of my favourite football club.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can mean anything for you with IAS, we will be pleased to help you!

Gino Van der Auwera

Senior Technical Trainer

Hi, I’m Gino!

I’ve been a Technical Trainer from the very beginning of my career. Just after graduating, I’ve been able to get the chance to start working for the European headquarters of Subaru.

This experience has shown me lots of different aspects of the automotive business. I’ve been able to have a closer look at the production process, meet the engineers to get to know their thoughts behind some designs and ideas. I’ve been able to see not only the aftersales part, but also joined the Sales & Marketing team, to understand their vision. I’ve always been in close contact with many European distributors, and dealers. This has allowed me to get a better idea on how to link the vision of a manufacturer with the reality at a dealership in different countries.

Simply said, in the 8 years that I’ve worked at Subaru, I have been able to experience a lot. Having gathered plenty of knowledge and skills in this area, I’ve noticed that a big part of my interest was in finding the best possible way to share this knowledge, and to be able to see and measure the effect that it has. That’s where I’ve been able to find IAS. With so much experience in training, this is the perfect place for me to improve that skill. After a first meeting, I could immediately tell that IAS is a blooming company that constantly strives to find new and unprecedented ways of teaching and training. I knew that this was the company where I could challenge myself again, and find better ways on how to tell the story.

My interest in cars started very early already, as a small child, helping my father bleeding brake systems and holding up the flashlight while he was fixing things. This interest in cars evolved into a passion for racing, where I’ve started driving race cars at the age of 16. Not only was I interested in becoming the fastest driver, but mainly focussed on having the best home-build race car. I would spend hundreds of hours in the garage trying to find improvements to get ahead of the competition. A couple of years ago I’ve paused this hobby to make sure that I can spend enough time with my 2 beautiful children, hoping that someday I can share this passion with them.

Very happily looking forward to meet you!


Tarik Doudouh

Project Coordinator Technical Training

Hi There, I’m Tarik!

In March 21’ I joined IAS as a Project Coordinator Technical Training.

After diving into the automotive world in 2012 @ Karel de Grote University College it quickly became obvious that I found my passion. During my studies in Automotive Technology, I had some highlights such as an Intensive Program “Ecommotive” in Porto, Portugal. A challenge for European Communication & Technology students to lead customer behaviour towards sustainability by using Ecological and Innovative automotive solutions.

My last year in Automotive Technology I left Belgium once again, but this time to Italy as an Erasmus student. At the “Politecnico di Torino” we had to develop a human powered vehicle to break the world speed record. Yes, I had the time of my life there!

Immediately after finishing my Thesis and graduating I pushed myself into the next challenge. At the truck brand IVECO (Cammaert Trucks Antwerpen), I started my first fulltime job as a Workshop Coordinator. Finally time to take some skills into practice! After a couple of years I had the opportunity to take the responsibility over the Aftersales department step by step. As Service Manager I assisted our workshop, reception and parts departments in any complex matter. Just over 5 years in a Truck center I can say that we had a lot of memories!

Now it’s time to discover some new technologies, training methodologies and take my experiences of a truck dealer into my next chapter @ IAS! After working all those years in a workshop, I am convinced that well trained people are the key to a successful business.

I almost forgot, besides my fulltime commitment I am an automotive locksmith :). As from 2016 I am testing immobilizer systems and keys of all vehicle brands. This led me to founding my company where we make keys of almost all models and brands.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Let’s connect,

Tim Van Houtte

Senior Technical Trainer

Hi there, I'm Tim!

A few years ago I started at IAS as Junior Technical Trainer, mainly for the KIA brand. I had no experience in this sector thus far, so what started as a serious challenge ended up in being a dream job. IAS has always guided me very well over the years, which enabled me to develop myself into a strong trainer in a short time. The great thing about this job is the constant alternation (no project is the same), the personal freedom (from planning to being able to indulge yourself in a creativity-mode) and the possibility to continuously learn and challenge myself (simply put: you can't explain anything to anyone else if you do not completely understand it yourself). In short, a top job if you love variety!

IAS is a scale-up company with a véry unique culture where all colleagues know one another, and because of this, working for IAS is like working with a group of friends on a project. There is little vertical hierarchy whereby everyone is treated equally. The employees are all open to cooperation and everyone is convinced that this is the best way to get the best out of ourselves.

IAS is also a company that greatly values its employees. You are not just a number and that makes IAS a very open company to work for, that gives you a lot of room to talk about your needs (inside and outside the workplace). I think there are few other employers who can offer this. My choice is certain, so chances are great you will still find me working here in 10 years 🙂

Let's have a chat to discuss your future!

Jean Van Liempt

Technical Trainer

Hi there, I'm Jean.

I'm a team player with a passion for automotive and driven to learn and to pass on the knowledge in a simple and fun way. I'm easy to motivate, but hard to get bored.

My passion started at an early age, the more I learned about cars and their technologies, the more it became an obsession. Needless to say I decided to study Automotive Technology at Thomas More University College. After that, I obtained an additional degree in Automotive Technology (specialization in expertise) in French (Haute École de la Ville de Liège).

I chose IAS because they give a whole new dimension to the word 'training'. I'm proud to be part of the IAS-team and to train the technicians of the future!

Feel free to get in touch. I'm happy to connect & share!

Raf Dekeersmaeker

Technical Trainer

Hi there, I'm Raf.

At the age of 3, I was already able to call cars and trucks by names, raised by my dad to be a full-time fan of motorised vehicles.

After having collected hundreds of miniature cars, at the age of 15, I was finally able to buy and fine-tune my first mini four-stroke bike. Six small bikes, a first car and a motorbike later, I turned my passion into obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Technology. That gave me the chance to get enough practice as a Diagnostic Technician for a major German car manufacturer.

Now, working for IAS, I can pass on my knowledge of the automotive branch to people with the same love and passion for this beautiful sector!

Feel free to get in touch. I'm happy to connect & share!

Steve Remeysen

Warranty, Parts & Systems Trainer

Hi there, I'm Steve.

I joined IAS in February 2020.

Looking forward to meet you!

Jo Rimaux

Sales Trainer

Hi there, I'm Jo.

I joined IAS in March 2019.

After a classical general secondary education, I obtained a degree in Marketing and Distribution at the HONIM University College. During my studies, I took the opportunity to go abroad and follow part of my education in Sweden. To be quite honest, cars have always been one of my childhood passions.

Shortly after kicking-off my career as a Sales Representative at Kraft Foods, I quickly switched to follow my passion and chase my dreams. I started within the automotive industry as a Sales Advisor at Volkswagen, where I worked for 5 years. In the extension of this experience, I went to work as a District Manager for Subaru and Kia.

The automotive industry continues to fascinate me because of the huge challenges this industry faces, and the revolution we are all currently undergoing: building environmentally friendly and traffic-safe cars is a process that is irreversible and necessary. This is a challenge that involves a lot of dynamism in very different aspects. I am happy to be a part of the future of mobility.

Working for IAS is therefore a logical next step in my career. They radiate an enormous passion, with the aim of providing a professional and tailor-made guidance/training to clients. Using my experiences to get people to excel into the next level, is my personal goal for the next years.

Happy to be a part of this wonderful company, and looking forward to meet you!

Hannes Van Herreweghe

Sales Trainer

Hi there, I’m Hannes.

I joined IAS in October 2020.

Closing the door of Erasmushogeschool Brussel in 2009 with a diploma in Marketing Communication in the pocket, I was totally ready to attack the job market. I started as a Telesales Operator at De Persgroep, making it to Account Manager in 2 years time. After 4 years in the media industry, it was time for me to move on. It soon became clear that my future would be in the automotive industry.

That’s how I ended up at MINI, working as a Sales Advisor in the Antwerp area. The automotive virus immediately got to me! (Sorry, joining IAS in full Covid period, I couldn’t resist making the referral 🙂 ). After, again, 4 years and hundreds of MINIs sold, ALD Automotive crossed my path, where I became Indirect Lease Consultant for the Ford brand. Supporting and training Ford sales(wo)men in leasing and fiscal products, it became clear I really love seeing others excel.

Already being in contact with IAS for a couple of months, the moment was finally there in October 2020 to become part of this amazing family. I love passing my energy and experience to others so they can develop further in this (r)evolutionary business.

Let’s catch up!

Adrien Peustjens

Sales Trainer

Hi there, I'm Adrien,

I joined IAS in April 2019!

One of my first words as a child was ``car``. So my passion for automotive started a long time ago...

Just after I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology (Haute Ecole de la Ville de Liege) in 2011, I began my career in the Automotive sector as Sales Advisor for Volkswagen. The B2B market interested me a lot so I got the chance to become Fleet Advisor for BMW. During 3 years I learned the tax regulations impacting the Fleet sector. It wasn’t a piece of cake but it was really interesting and it opened the B2B doors. After that, I got the opportunity to develop the Fleet market for Volvo in a large automotive group.

Today, I would like to share my passion and knowledge and believe IAS is the best place for that.
I'm really proud and excited to be part of the IAS team and integrate the different projects.

Let's get in touch !

Saman Khademi Ravandi

Senior Developer

Hey, I am Saman!

I share with this visionary team the passion for evolution and education, which is translated through logic.

Since my childhood I have enjoyed problem-solving and streamlining and automating work processes.

My first passion in which I could translate this love organically was in my previous employment in the Chemical sector, and I am grateful for the concessional nature of it that has strengthened my backbone to enter a world with even more digital possibilities!

With almost 6 years of experience as a Consultant Software Engineer, I enjoyed the human aspect of generating solutions for very specific questions.

Dealing with increasingly challenging digital issues, combined with the never-ending hunger for more knowledge in a digital world that is now reaching cruising speeds, is the challenge in logic that I was already looking for as a child.

Happy to meet you!


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Christophe De Cleene

Senior Trainer & Coach EIQ

Sometimes life can be surprising, right?

Sometimes everything goes smoothly, all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall nicely into place and then suddenly... suddenly life challenges you for something you would not have chosen yourself.

To me as well it happened:

``You know, Christophe, the economic crisis, Chapter 11 in the US - we really cannot ignore the fact that we have to save and thus cut in the European operations - well, you don’t need to come anymore next month ... `` After 15 years of sales and sales management in the financial services and ICT sector, that was the message I received on a dreary November day.

A cold shower? Yes - at least the first few weeks!

Soon however I realized that this gave me the opportunity to think for a moment, to take some distance. Thinking of course is only one thing, doing something with it is something else. This brings me to what unites me with IAS, i.e. personal development - this inherent desire to become more and more yourself. This translates among others for me into:

• Recognizing each other's shortcomings
• Be aware of each other's growth potential
• Standing up for your beliefs and feelings without ignoring those of others
• Team efficiency and -connection
• Authentic leadership
• Customer Delight at the heart of the strategy
• etc...

... and subsequently start working with it as an individual and as a team. A real challenge where guidance and coaching is likely needed ...

With my experience I take within IAS to heart with conviction and full enthusiasm our activities related to personal and team effectiveness, communication, customer delight, etc... The basis is again and again ``Know yourself!`` How do you want to be successful in what you do when you do not know yourself, when you are not aware of your own impact on others?

To me already a fantastic challenge... which I am lucky to do with an equally fantastic team.

Who works alone, sums up
Who cooperates, multiplies
(Oriental Wisdom)

IAS Core Values


capacity & willingness to develop, organize and manage our company along with any of its risks, in order to make a difference and create value.


odd way of looking at (un)conventional problems or situations, from a fresh perspective which suggests unorthodox solutions.


the enjoyment of pleasure and working together.


molding an idea or invention into a service or good which will create value for which our customers are willing to pay.


intrinsic moral value that reflects transparent honesty throughout everything one thinks, says and does.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

Harry S. TrumanOn team success