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Following-up on Follow-up!

For BMW Financial Services, and more in particular for their commercial activities within the branch BMW Motorrad, we’ve recently launched a rather unique and ‘remote’ project. Remote meaning that coach & coachee were physically at two different locations.

The scope of this project was to determine whether our target group, 10 dedicated BMW Motorrad Salesmen, had the required competencies to perform short & long-term follow-up calls, and to verify their willingness & readiness to perform these calls on a regular basis.

Our in-depth screening during live calls, and overall evaluation resulted in individualized training modules regarding the two main topics short & long-term follow-up.

Depending on the remote performance of the participant, all coaching sessions, linked to the screening, were immediately planned and organized to increase efficiency, depending on the participant’s agenda.

During this project, our main aim was to assess and improve functional competencies and capabilities of the coachee, rather than measuring or improving the motivational aspects within these topics.

Even the more experienced & skilled salesmen within the field of ‘follow-up’ were willing to attend the virtual -yet individual classroom sessions- in order to get their skills improved, as they noticed room for improvement and to challenge themselves!

As the project is still ongoing, BMW Financial Services & BMW Motorrad have recently decided to boost this project from 10 salesmen to the entire BMW Motorrad Belux dealer network.

What about that! What about your follow up? 😉



Client feedback:

IAS as always stands for a very pleasant cooperation, a highly professional approach and time after time, a solid substantiated advice.

Bieke VandenborreMarketing Manager, BMW Financial Services

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