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The ability of our trainers to effectively transfer knowledge to those they train makes all the difference for our client’s high consequence work. There is little room for error and so IAS employees must set their standards even higher than our client’s expectations.

Play a key role

Our client’s success is our success. This is why we continuously evaluate our team member’s success on the factors that are most critical to our clients. In this way it is possible to see the impact you have in your day-to-day activities, and get the appraisal you deserve.


Training people requires people skills. You must be likeable and friendly. Your confidence should help trainees trust what you teach them.


Our trainers teach using cutting-edge, science-based techniques to transfer knowledge. Each employee must have a passion for teaching.


Our employees have a passion for automotive & mobility solutions and that passion is spread to those they train.

The stage is yours. Take it!

Project Manager Technical Training
Senior Technical Trainer & Developer
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We offer a wonderful workplace, for the right kind of people. We want to provide amazing
opportunities for your development and we need people that fully embrace our IAS Core Value and can/are:

Think globally

Data driven


Love people

Flexible working

Remote working as well as flexibility towards start- & finish times are just a matter of common sense 🙂


We offer a very competitive salary package, all perks included.

Work hard, play hard

As FUN is our key value, we do appreciate a good amount of laughter (silly jokes are allowed during teamlunch).

Mobility solutions

Since we are a mobility company, we fully support (green) transportation possibilities.

Career outlook

Our core business is getting people to a higher level, and we start with it from the inside.

Payroll or Freelance

Depending on the project(s) and your professional situation, we are open to discuss both options.

Hi there, I’m Michael. I support our future growth as we are at the brink of rapid expansion. We’re looking for subject matter experts with hands-on experience (training, dealership, importer, …) who are ready for the next level, to join our happy family.

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