Making competencies tangible.

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Enhancing the DNA of your company workforce.

We firmly believe training employees must (eventually) lead to reaching organizational goals.

The old adage, “what gets measured gets managed”, is particularly true for assessing an organizations’ skill level. Once the knowledge gaps within the organization become clear, possibilities for cross-individual change come swiftly after.

With our screening methodology MOBILAR® (patent pending) we offer a best-in-class way to ensure that what has been learned, also has been adopted and assimilated by the trainees. Would this have not been the case, we can immediately pinpoint the necessary topics for which the trainee needs a tailored approach.

IAS has developed a game-changing approach towards assessing skills and knowledge of professionals within the automotive- & mobility industry, a rapidly changing sector in which it is crucial for the entire team to stay at the forefront of best-practices, as if lives would depend on it.

Truly said, assessing skills and knowledge is just the first step… Once management has an objective view of the organizations’ skill and knowledge levels, we can co-create tailored programs to ensure everyone reaches their full potential. This is when real change can happen!

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The MOBILAR® methodology is aimed to help you better define roles and task responsibilities.

In turn, a MOBILAR® screening helps your assess new and current hires and immediately gives you an in-depth look into one’s training needs.

In a later stage, screening for applicants will make sure one’s task mastery is mapped to existing quality levels, making sure the perfect match.

Make assessments FUN again!

Screenings and assessments don’t have to be scary and threatening like in many companies.

The MOBILAR® approach and every screening in itself are co-developed together with Subject Matter Experts, ensuring your employees will never have the feeling they are quoted in a make-it-or-break-it way.

Better yet, smiles and laughter are often seen throughout the sessions.


In 2014, IAS started developing an enabling science-based methodology and platform that forces the L&D department to generate training concepts starting from a real business perspective, and linking them to individual training needs.

Mastering competencies and tasks is the key value starting point in every project.

After many successful projects the last two years in which the “proof-of-concept” immediately showcased the added value of the methodology to our clients, we decided to commercialize the platform and put it to good use to solve important training challenges.

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