Picking your people’s brain.

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Overcoming the forgetting curve.

Use it or lose it.

A little science thrown in for good measure:

In 1938, German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered a vital fact in the science of learning: people are made to forget… a natural coping reaction of the human brain.

Kind of tricky for us since, in essence, transferring information is our core business, isn’t it?

As the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve is showing, nearly 50% of all new learned information is ‘lost’ after 1 hour. In fact, all information is lost over time when you don’t try to retain it.

In essence, this is were Mentoring comes into play: picking people’s brain and delivering opportunities to the learner in which they need to put in ‘effort for retrieval’, meaning there’s a good reason to go back to the learned information, re-act with it in a day-to-day reality so it can be processed correctly in their brain (credits to Art Kohn, professor of business at Portland State University and expert in the area of corporate training and performance improvement).

little push in the right direction.

Define the road ahead.

First step in every Mentoring programme, is defining the road ahead and clearly demarcate the boundaries of the topics the Mentor and the Mentee will work on during the follow-up sessions.

Fine tuning the gears.

During the Mentoring sessions, the Mentor is looking for the borders of the Mentee’s comfort zone by challenging them to excel, grow into the next level and gently pushing them forward. As reaching across borders is genuinely not easy to do, the Mentor also plays a vital role in giving the Mentee an ear to listen. Full professional self-development and self-creation is at the central goal of the sessions.a

Step on the gas.

The true success of mentoring sessions is supporting the Mentee in “going out and doing it”. The clear differentiator for IAS, is that our Mentors are working on real-life (client) cases with their Mentees, to ensure knowledge transfer, limit try-and-error and ensure immediate conversion of gathered knowledge into skills and effective business results.


The motorcycle business isn’t much like the automotive business…

Too often, simply using the same approach just might not do the trick. After having developed a Sales training path for experienced BMW Motorrad Salesmen within the Belux dealer network, the next step was to develop a more personalized sales-mentoring approach, focusing on new hires.

The main driver for doing so, was the high employee retention level, along with a lower training volume for new hires within the brand, in order to get them ramped-up as soon as possible.

Two BMW Motorrad dealerships in the Flemish region were willing to pilot this MOBILAR® project, as they both had recently hired a new Sales Advisor. Both Kristof and Jon had their competencies screened, and received both remotely & on-site mentoring of our Senior Sales Mentor Erik. Curious about the result? Have a quick look at Jon’s impressions in the video (above)!

After piloting these 2 projects, meanwhile, all new Salesmen go through a mandatory MOBILAR® sales screening/mentoring during their ramp-up!

Curious how MOBILAR® can be applied to boost the competencies of your Sales team? Get in touch with Alexander via the button below!

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