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Before moving forward, know where you’re at,
and where you’re heading for.

As in all educational pursuits, it is critical to first find out what employees already know before embarking on trying to train them (all). It is also highly beneficial to have an objective look at the state of your training program.

An enormous amount can be discovered by asking simple questions. The deeper we dig, the more we can uncover about the shortcomings and needs of your current training program(s). We look at what has worked well in the past, as well as what has been trained on, but employees are still not utilizing or did not seem to grasp.

Challenging existing thinking patterns, questions established procedures combined with a critical vision on future competency management, is IAS’ blueprint for engaging with our clients.

Whatever the size and duration of the project. We aim at solving important problems, while engaging in long-lasting partnerships.

  • Involving the SME’s

IAS has a special way in pinpointing the problems and challenges that arise in that part of the organisation where things really matter: the workplace.

For that reason, we immediately involve Subject Matter Experts (SME) from within the field to help us understand things from all perspectives. By this, we help truly help management understand essential training needs.

  • Ad hoc consulting

IAS works with nearly every major car company and can provide a great deal of expertise to various automotive training situations. We love the be engaged for very targeted assignments to help training program(s) solve the challenges that are “plaguing” the organisation.

  • Looking back and looking forward

Reviewing past efforts can uncover practices that were successful, but for whatever reason have stopped being used.

Training in the 21st century.

Great design

Curriculum design is sooo much more than simply checking the boxes. In the end, it has to do with user experience which results in effective business results. Our focus is ensuring overall success, from beginning to “end” (as learning itself should not have a definite end destination).

Online and offline

Everyone learns in different ways. In many situations learning comes best from full immersion with all of our senses. Also sometimes self-paced online modules are better. We determine, based on data, the best approach and then can provide the right materials.

Custom development

Every company is different and so it is critical that IAS can create tailor-made solutions that superbly fit our client’s way of working.

KIA Belgium

In 2011, KIA partnered with IAS to setup a training department from scratch to support their ever growing dealer network.

A client request which you do not receive every day. Discover how IAS initiated the project and successfully constructed and implemented a full service Training Academy, from start to finish…

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