Mens sana in corpore sano!

By 8th January 2019 No Comments

How’s this for a New Year’s resolution…

Yesterday, together with some of our neighbours from Yun Probiotherapy and NSX – Normalized Systems, we received our speed pedelecs as we were selected to participate in the project 365SNEL (https://365snel.net/) that investigates the potential of s-pedelecs for daily commuting.

In the upcoming three weeks, we will leave our cars in the garage and commit ourselves to do all our trajectories by bike… First impressions were great. Even the petrol heads were excited by the speed of those things 😃!

Many thanks to Nikolaas Van den Steen (Joint-PhD Student at KUL & VUB) and o2o.be for the flawless support and delivery.

Looking forward to share our experiences in three weeks!

ExcitingTimesAhead 📈
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